$100 BRBox

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$100 BRBox

The BRBox has arrived!

Now you can have a stylist choose BRB items for you. It is like Christmas morning...any time of the year.

There are three boxes available for purchase.

Shipping is INCLUDED.

Items are exchangeable ONLY. No refunds or returns.

How it works:

$100 BRBox: 1 outfit (pants and a shirt OR a dress...depending on what Amy chooses for you), 1 piece of jewelry, 1-2 FUN Finds.

$200 BRBox: 2 outfits, 2 accessories, 2 FUN Finds

$300 BRBox: 3 outfits, 3 accessories (jewelry, purse, clutch, scarf, hat...whatever Amy finds "fitting"), 2-3 Fun Finds.

* After purchasing your BRBox you will need to email Amy at info@basilroseboutique.com with the following information:

-size of pants/shorts (European sizes and American)

-Shirt, blouse size

-Dress Size

-Describe your style


-Are you looking for anything in particular (date night outfits, work clothes, gym apparel, Weekend Fun?)

-Are there any colors, patterns, styles to avoid?

***If you purchase 6 BRBoxes, you will get 20% OFF of your next 6 boxes!!!!!