Blue Stylized Leaf Bag

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Blue Stylized Leaf Bag

Stylized Mangold Leather leaf Bag. Dark Blue over Dark Brown Bison Skin.

Minimalist, refined bag for effective, functional use. Easy-to-use day bag designed for style and simplicity. everything you need for a daily outing.

Incredibly supple, elegant material. Thick, firm, durable, soft and always improves with age. Bison leather evokes a sense of inner strength, calm and purpose. These bags are a lifelong companion that keep one rooted to earth, bold, firm and joyous in your life. Wear these bags as tool to bring your dreams to life.

Made by hand in a solar-powered workshop using traditional tools and techniques.

These are for healers, by healers, encouraging you to become everything you have the potential to be: To stand out and be YOU. Every purchase supports us in OUR life, enabling us to grow more free fruit and nut trees to plant in towns and cities across the continent. Mangold bags support you to live a more enriching life, while allowing us to live the lives we love, performing the work we feel called to do to improve our planet! Thank you!