White Denim Super Soft Skinny Jeans

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White Denim Super Soft Skinny Jeans

Just Black Denim White Jeans. (That doesn't even make sense, but just go with it.)

The jeans are white. The name of the company who makes them is Just Black Denim. Problem solved. Now lets get back to the important stuff... these super soft skinny jeans will have you wanting to sleep in them. And not because you had a rough night out with your girlfriends. These are sober worthy jeans. They fit to your shape...are soft...and wont give you muffin tops. Mic drop right there.

-fits true to size 24-31.

24 size 00-2

25 size 2

26 size 4

27 size 6

28 size 6-8

29 size 8-10

30 size 10

31 size 10-12